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Why Your Small Business Needs to Be on Snapchat

ad agencyAt this point, most small businesses understand the importance of social media engagement and content generation. In fact, as of 2015, 78% of companies now say they have some sort of social media team dedicated to just that. In 2012, that number was at a much lower 67%. And now, ad agencies report that of the $180 billion spent annually on advertising, content creation and management have the second largest share in their digital marketing budgets.

Within the realm of social media marketing, the straightforward social media focuses are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook.

However, there’s one social networking platform that is often overlooked: Snapchat. And now, it might cost your business not to engage.

In the ad agency sphere, Snapchat is a notoriously difficult platform for businesses to market their brand on. Content on the app is deliberately temporary, only appearing for a limited amount of time. While it does reach over 100 million viewers, marketing via Snapchat has been prohibitively expensive thus far.

However, earlier this month, Snapchat released new features that will put it on the map for future branding and marketing possibilities — especially when it comes to reaching millennials. In fact, an overwhelming majority of 60% of U.S. citizens between the ages of 13 and 34 are using Snapchat, making it the easiest and most direct way to engage with millennial audiences. As these generations get older and rise in the job market and economy, where they spend their money will help to shape the consumer landscape for generations to come.

What’s New With Snapchat — And Why Advertising Agencies are Paying Attention
Snapchat has a few key new features that have users more connected than ever. Now, Snapchat’s users can make voice calls, send audio messages, and video messages. More importantly, the company rolled out new sponsored lenses and geofilters that allow users to add specific art and labels to their snaps. This means that a user could easily walk through or around your brick and mortar space and add your company’s branded logo to their photo, reaching hundreds of their friends. Because of these new features, many a marketing agency is quickly incorporating these strategies into their overall marketing plan.

The Takeaway
The social media landscape is rapidly changing. With that, your creative agency should change their strategies to accommodate your needs. Incorporating Snapchat into your ad agency’s marketing plans

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Is Your Advertising Firm Ready to Go Mobile?

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Marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is by now a no-brainer for savvy advertising firms. The growth of dedicated social media marketing teams on company rosters says it all: just 67% of businesses had a social media team in 2012, while today, that figure has risen to 78%.

But just having a social media ad agency team doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. Half of companies engaging in digital marketing don’t have a firm execution plan to meet their goals. Social media sites are constantly changing their platforms and developing more ways to stimulate user engagement and interactivity, which can be a real boon for advertising initiatives, too.

Lately, social media sites are witnessing a huge migration in user activity to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Ad revenue is migrating along with it — at least 65% of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from mobile engagement, and Facebook recently saw ad revenue increase by 10% in their mobile division alone.

Any advertising firm or marketing agency worth its salt will jump on this trend with all of their creative might. The ubiquity of smartphones and mobile devices means that ad agencies have new ways to entice users and stimulate revenue with just the tap or scroll of a thumb. It also means they’ll have to face new challenges involving compatibility and cross-platform branding.

As you get ready to make your campaign mobile, consider the ways that social media works differently between a static desktop and a smartphone screen. GPS location data means you might be able to better tailor your ads by region or proximity. QR code readers allow the real world and the digital world to align instantaneously. Easy navigability on a small screen helps draw users to your product. And the increasing use of popular fitness technologies like FitBit that sync with your mobile device offer new potential avenues of consumer information for advertising firms to tap into.

Don’t leave your campaign in the dusty reaches of the old world wide web. Get moving and get mobile with your social media advertising campaigns to make sure you maximize your reach and your revenue potential.

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