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3 New and Exciting Social Media Marketing Trends On the Rise

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Within the past few years, social media marketing has grown exponentially for one simple reason: it actually works.

For many businesses it has proven itself to be incredibly successful in achieving a wide range of results. However, not all business are using digital marketing to their advantage. In fact, only 50% of companies are utilizing digital marketing techniques today, but few have a solid plan to achieve results in place. This is where a professional ad agency can help you.

Today, the best advertising agencies are available to help broaden your brand’s visibility on the Internet. Many a creative agency have been utilizing unique social media marketing methods to stand out among the digital crowd.

Do you have a small business and are looking for a change in strategy? Here are some fast growing social media techniques to try.

Live Video Streaming

This is the older, more sophisticated sibling to a regular video. Live streaming is a way to engage with your customer in real-time by streaming right to their Facebook feeds. Not only will these video streams connect an individual to your brand in real-time, it will give them an incentive to walk through your doors. So how can you implement these live streams into your business? If you are a clothing store, offer sneak peaks of the upcoming season’s picks. Or if you are a bakery, show a fun how to video of frosting cupcakes or making pastries.

Social Slide-Through Ads

There is no easier way to bring together ads for your company and exciting new information for your clients by compiling them into one social slide-though ad. This exciting form of visual content can be easily created by an ad agency, who will focus on streamlining important information along with fun, creative videos and images. Above anything else, these ads are a great way for customers to interact with your brand.

Using multiple social media platforms

You will be hard-pressed to find a social media user who doesn’t have a least a few different social media accounts. In order to make an impression on your client base, it is important to spread your information throughout different social media channels. This includes uploading pictures to Instagram, advertising sales on Facebook, and daily posting updates on Twitter.

Looking for an Atlanta marketing agency to implement these changes? The professionals here at Van Winkle and Associates are here to help!

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media Marketing

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Although more traditional print advertising is still effective, most companies are now embracing the necessity of digital marketing — particularly social media marketing; in 2015, 78% of companies had marketing teams specifically dedicated to social media (compared to 67% in 2012). One of the best tips for hiring an advertising agency is to thoroughly explore their familiarity with — and love of — using social media to create successful campaigns for their clients. In case you aren’t convinced about the value social media can provide for your business, here are five excellent reasons why you should reconsider:

  1. Brand Awareness
    One of the most obvious benefits of hiring an advertising agency for social media marketing is that you get to introduce your brand to a wide audience. You’ll also be able to deliver your central message, aesthetic, and goals through social media. Social media posts help new potential customers discover your products and services, and allows you to broadcast information to a lot of people at once. Whether you use a creative agency to come up with targeted ads or clever posts that go viral, you’ll get tons of people talking about your unique brand.
  2. Increased Traffic and Sales
    Without using social media, your web traffic is limited to your existing customers or the occasional web search. However, there are specific ways that businesses can use social media to directly influence website traffic and sales revenue from new customers, and one of the best tips for hiring an advertising agency is that they should be knowledgeable in this area. An advertising agency will provide calculated strategies to drive traffic to posts and product pages, which will directly translate into increased sales.
  3. Connect with Customers
    Having a social media presence allows you to connect directly with your customers — a feature that users really appreciate. Although an ad agency can come up with ways in which to market your company and products, the company itself can communicate with customers, gauge reactions, provide better customer service, and hone in on what potential customers are looking for. Being receptive to the needs of your customers will ensure brand loyalty and trust, which can be priceless.
  4. Cost-Effective
    Not only are most social media platforms free to use, but any targeted ads you pay for have a relatively low cost, compared to other forms of advertising. Of course, it’s best to enlist the help of an ad agency to make sure your advertisements and marketing are effective and aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck with social media marketing. You’ll reach a wide audience of people who may never have known about your company otherwise, and you can diversify your advertising budget because you won’t be spending as much in one place.

  5. Leadership
    Social media marketing will show that your company is an innovative leader in your industry. When you have a superior presence on social media, not only will customers seek out your expertise, but other companies will look to you for guidance and inspiration. When you post shareable, exciting content, customers will pay attention.

Whether you’re already a social media maven or are totally new to this area, we can help. There are lots of tips for hiring an advertising agency: among them, your agency of choice will understand your goals, your brand, and your budget, and will know how to best accomplish your mission while maintaining the integrity of your brand. To explore your advertising options, please contact us today.

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