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A Few of the Biggest Advantages of Hiring an Ad Agency

ad agencyDid you know that upwards of $180 billion was spent on U.S. advertising in 2015 alone? Best of all, the numbers are only growing as more and more businesses get started. However, the vast majority of those businesses don’t do their advertising and marketing all alone.
One of the most important assets a company can have is an ad agency. Also referred to as a creative agency or marketing agency, these businesses make a living helping other businesses run their marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of hiring an advertising agency to help your business succeed.
Access the Skills You Need
For countless small to medium-sized businesses, building an in-house marketing team is simply not an option. Lack of resources, skills, and time are all issues that they may face. However, a professional marketing agency’s goal is to provide all of those necessary skills without deducting from the time you need to do other important things during the work day.
More Effective Budget Managing
Because hiring an external marketing company allows you to utilize their skills and expertise when you need them, it gives you a lot more control over your spending. Instead of paying a few members of your staff full-time salaries to complete the work, you can outsource it to the professionals.
Gain New Insight
By outsourcing your digital marketing, it’s possible to gain insight and new ideas that you may not have necessarily gained with an in-house team of marketing staff. You may know your business best, but ad agencies know how to market your business best.
Meet Deadlines on Time
If there’s one thing an ad agency understands, it’s a deadline. And with a professional ad agency behind you, you’ll be able to meet all of your deadlines, too.
Let Your Business Grow
The key advantage of outsourcing is that you’ll be able to get work done exactly when you need to. The degree of flexibility granted will allow you to perform core business functions and expand your business the way you want to.
Don’t let the minutia get in the way of running a successful business. Entrust your marketing to the experts.

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3 Key Projected Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

ad agency
If you run a small business, you’re probably well aware of the important role digital advertising plays in the success of your company. One of the main benefits of hiring an advertising agency to handle your creative marketing is that your ad agency can identify areas of key interest. Focusing on these areas can make a real difference to your brand identity — and your overall success rate. Advances in technology mean that the digital marketing landscape is forever changing, and each new year brings brand new trends for ad agencies to zero in on for their clients. Small businesses and advertising agencies should make sure to focus on these three important facets of advertising over the next year:

  1. Increased ad spending
    On average, a company spent around 25% of their total marketing budgets on digital ads in 2014. If you think that sounds too high, you need to know that this number is projected to jump up to 75% within the next five years! Digital advertising is becoming more ubiquitous than ever, but with popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram changing their algorithms and charging for advertising space, businesses will have to “boost” their ads in order to reach more potential customers. Although belonging to these social media networks is free, the exposure you get from sponsored posts or other types of enhanced social media engagement isn’t. Your creative agency should prepare you to spend a bit more on these digital ads in order to get a good result. But don’t forget that platforms like Google+ and Twitter are great (and free!) ways to target your intended audience.

  3. Live feeds
    Facebook live feeds have gotten a lot of attention this year, as they’ve been used to cover significant political events. Some experts speculate that these live feeds may even replace TV news. Your ad agency will want you to get involved in live streams, like the ones Facebook and Periscope offer, to reach more customers. You can give an inside look at an event, showcase a product, or just provide a personal connection. Being accessible on a variety of platforms is vital for brands.

  5. “Buy” buttons
    This development will not only cut down on costs but can make purchasing that much easier and quicker for your customers. Instead of creating a separate app for your business (which is not always a successful endeavor), “buy now” buttons can allow customers and clients to purchase your products and services without ever leaving the social media app they used to find you. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, and YouTube have all implemented these types of buttons. They’re an effective way to market products without making your customer go through a bunch of unnecessary steps.

If you’re a small business who needs assistance with ads and marketing, contact our ad agency today. We’ll identify the areas where your business can improve and will create a plan that will translate into success.

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