Is Print Advertising Really Dead? 3 Predictions For the Future



There’s a widely held belief that print advertising is dying (or may already be dead). Considering that U.S. marketers will spend nearly $24 billion on online ads this year alone, this sentiment is certainly understandable. Many companies have replaced the majority of their print advertising efforts with online marketing, and it’s not hard to see why. Hiring an online marketing agency typically may have a lower cost and a better ROI. But should you abandon your print advertising efforts just yet? Not necessarily, experts say.

Many times, using a combination of print and online methods can be much more beneficial than choosing just one. And there are countless industries whose target demographics are unique in that they respond much better to print ads. One of the benefits of hiring an advertising agency is that your ad agency can customize a strategy that will work best for your particular business and customers. By continuing to work with your creative agency on print ads as well as digital marketing tools, you’ll be getting a much more diversified solution. Here are three reasons not to give up on print ads:

  • It’s better to have a mixed approachIn general, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. By eliminating print ads entirely, you may be alienating an important segment of your customer base. While some consumers feel totally comfortable interacting with a company on social media, others would rather receive information in a more traditional fashion. If you have a combination of digital ads, print ads, and social media interaction, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching a bigger customer pool.
  • Some demographics need a personal touchOne downfall of digital ads is that they don’t usually feel very personal to consumers. When you see ads on webpages or commercials before video content all the time, it becomes very easy to ignore them. They’re a great way to increase brand recognition, but they’re not always great for engagement purposes. Think about your target audience. Will your customers appreciate personal touches like direct mailings or ads in the local paper? Don’t discount these traditional methods as being out-of-date. They may work better than you’d think.
  • The print ad experience can’t totally be replicatedAs hard as digital marketing agencies try, the complete experience of a print ad can’t be achieved through a digital ad. Because print ads are physical and digital ads merely visual, digital efforts may leave something to desired for some customers. Print ads still provide a very valuable physical experience for consumers, as they provide more ways to engage the senses. If you’re having trouble reaching your audience and making a connection through digital means, add print as part of your strategy.

Our creative agency can custom-make any marketing strategy to fit your needs. Whether you want a combination of print and digital or want to focus solely on one tactic, we can help you achieve your goals. For more information, get in touch with us today!