The 4 Predicted Social Media Trends That Can Help (or Hurt) Your Business in 2017

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It’s no longer enough for businesses to simply have and occasionally use social media platforms. In order to survive in the marketplace, companies have to consistently come up with creative ways to utilize these platforms to their advantage. The importance of having an established social media presence has caught on. In 2015, around 78% of companies said they had dedicated social media teams, compared to 67% in 2012. But it’s how we use social media that matters most.

One of the benefits of hiring an advertising agency is that you have a team of highly skilled marketing professionals on your side. A marketing agency can determine the most effective practices for your business and how to improve upon your current strategy. Because the landscape of social media is always changing, ad agencies need to keep up with the latest trends. To that end, here are four predicted social media trends to pay attention to in 2017:

  • Twitter may be on the outsTwitter has been decreasing in popularity for a while. Although the platform probably isn’t going anywhere just yet, its users are experiencing a bit of pronounced fatigue. While comedians and certain political leaders manage to create highly shareable content in 140 characters, most businesses don’t fare as well in their tweets. It can be an important channel for customer service needs, but it’s not a reliable method for social media marketing. Don’t delete your account, but don’t dedicate too much time to it, either.
  • Instagram’s influence will increaseVisual engagement is key in social media marketing, which makes Instagram the perfect platform for your ads. Instagram just rolled out a new feature that allows business accounts to identify themselves as such. The beauty of this feature is that it allows you to trace your demographics and engagement trends in a much more comprehensive way. The platform also provides businesses with a much wider reach, and the advertisement options allow companies to create visually appealing ads that don’t alienate consumers.
  • Snapchat shows promiseSnapchat may be appealing to trendy millennials, but its reach has a lot of potential. The company recently rebranded as simply Snap, which shows that it is thinking way beyond flower-crown filters. Its success illustrates a shift to instantaneous content — something that’s craved by its users. The platform allows for live feeds and provides a more intimate connection to your followers. This can be very beneficial for businesses both small and large. The company is also planning to roll out additional products and features, so this platform is definitely one that your ad agency should keep an eye on.
  • Companies will have to get creativeHere’s where the benefits of hiring an advertising agency become perfectly clear. With every business being expected to maintain an alluring online presence, it’s going to become increasingly important for businesses to get creative in regards to their content. You have to stand out for the right reasons. Businesses will need to focus their efforts on social media and use a lot of imagination in order to be successful. Practical or emotional posts tend to get a lot of attention, but it’s the creative ads — the ones that make consumers think — that have staying power.

One of the main benefits of hiring an advertising agency is that we’re able to think outside the box. We’ll come up with a creative campaign that perfectly encapsulates your brand’s identity and target audience. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our Atlanta marketing agency can take your business to the next level.