Why Print Advertising Will Never Die

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There is no faster-growing trend among advertising firms than the pressure to go digital. In 2014, companies were spending an average 25% of their total marketing budgets on digital measures, but that figure is expected to reach 75% within the next five years.
No one’s going to argue against the fact that digital is the wave of the future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only — or the best — way. An astounding 50% of all companies using digital marketing don’t have a plan, and yet marketers are likely to spend $24 billion on online display advertising this year alone (sometimes for no other reason than 59% of their CMOs think display ads are effective).
Whatever happened to good old-fashioned print advertising? Too many ad agencies have jumped ship from a print-based creative agency to focus solely on the digital world. Yet there are some ways that print has actually become moreeffective because of the online world. Here’s why print will never truly die.
Consumers are more likely to pay attention to and remember print advertisements
Studies have shown that print ads make more of an impact on consumers than digital ones. Think about your own web-browsing habits: clicking from place to place, trying to close out any pop-ups immediately for fear of what they might do to your computer. Now think about the last time you sat down with a newspaper or magazine. You’re more likely to savor the experience, and probably, more likely to look at the ads without fear of malware.
Print advertising can better target specific demographics
While there are niche sites and markets on the web, the Internet is still very much a free-for-all playground. You’re more likely to be able to target a certain age or gender demographic with a special-interest magazine that caters to exactly the people your creative agency wants, giving you a better angle and more effective reach.
Print publications may be increasingly rare, but that’s precisely what makes them all the more valuable to advertising agencies. Before you throw the last nail on the coffin of your print campaign, think about how this special market might actually be useful in our increasingly digitized age. Print’s not dead yet, and it’s not going to be any time soon, either.