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Great Clips


Who says promotional radio can’t be fun and entertaining? Our Great Clips campaigns continue to make the Atlanta market one of the most successful in the country.

Steve Stigler

Rollercoasters are pretty loud. We’ll leave it at that.

Feel Like a Kid Again

We’ve found the fountain of youth. Only it’s not really a fountain. It’s a roller coaster.

Nascar on the Brain

Whether you love Nascar or hate it, there’s something undeniable about the iconic sound of a 750 horsepower, 340 cubic inch, V8 engine, that makes your heart race.

Apology – Positive Feedback

You always want your ad to stand out. But what do you do if it stands out a little too much? Well, you make it look like it’s what you had planned all along. Yeah, yeah...we meant to do that.

Apology – Auto Correct

Was this a real apology? Or part of a genius master plan to use PR and social media to give us more bang for our buck out of our radio buy? Yes.

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